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The best

Not a question. I cancelled because I don’t watch 90 day anymore but after just 2 weeks I realized it wasn’t even about the show anymore. It was about Kim and Kyle and I just always want to listen to you regardless of what you talk about. My invisible friends if you will. But Im not totally crazy, you really exist, i just haven’t met you, so that means I’m not AS crazy, lol. Keep it going, love you guys, Ill be your invisible friend too (was that weird? Lol)

Kim on leave

Are you guys still going to be posting episodes now that Kim has had her baby?

Downloading the pod on google podcasts

Hello, I used this app to listen to your pod and suddenly I cant download the episodes anymore. I checked on here and all my invoices are paid, so is this just a problem with this one particular app or what's going on?

Listen on apple

Hello, how can I listen to supercast on apple

Amazon Prime

Hi, First of all, I LIVE for you guy’s podcasts. I just signed up for the reality cray cray and wanted to know which way do I access it through Amazon Prime app? Thanks